I. public pub‧lic 1 [ˈpʌblɪk] noun
the public ordinary people who do not belong to the government or have any special position in society:

• An offer for the sale of shares to the general public was planned for early next year.

• The privatisation was carried out against the wishes of the public.

• Companies that take significant sums of money from members of the public before providing goods are in a special position of trust.

  [m0] II. public public 2 adjective
1. connected with all the ordinary people in a country, who are not members of the government or do not have important jobs:

• The law was changed as the result of public pressure.

2. available for anyone to use:

• a public telephone

3. connected with the government and with the services it provides for people:

• 55% of university funding in Britain comes from public money.

• We do not believe he is fit for public office (= the job of being part of a government ) .

4. known about by most people:

• The report will be made public (= told to everyone ) in mid-January.

• The membership of the Board was public knowledge.

5. intended for anyone to know, see, or hear:

• Demands for a public investigation have been ignored.

— publicly adverb :

• It is time for multinational companies publicly to acknowledge that they have not always acted properly.

6. go public FINANCE to become a public company (= a company that has shares owned by the public):

• Investors expected the share price to rise steeply after the company went public.

* * *

public UK US /ˈpʌblɪk/ adjective
relating to ordinary people in general, rather than being limited to a particular group only: »

Proper archiving and preservation will ensure permanent public access to government information.


They are trying to get public support for their takeover bid.


public opinion/confidence/trust


Senior politicians have been accused of failing to act in the public interest.

GOVERNMENT relating to the government and to the services it provides to people: »

She has said repeatedly that she would not seek public office again.


Why should public money be pumped into companies geared to profit?


The OECD is encouraging member states to keep a watchful eye on public finances, in part by encouraging more efficiency in the health care system of individual countries.


public services/funding/spending

known about by people in general: »

The retailer has been working to improve its public image in the face of ongoing criticism.


The question of bonus payments to bankers has been the subject of much public discussion in recent times.

available for anyone to hear, watch, go to, or be involved in: »

The company is holding a public meeting tonight to describe the proposal to residents.


a public inquiry/investigation/hearing

available for everyone to use: »

a public telephone/library


public transport

STOCK MARKET, FINANCE available to be bought by everyone, not just by people who are already shareholders: »

Class A shares may be purchased at the public offering price.

go public — Cf. go public
in public — Cf. in public
make (sth) public — Cf. make sth public
public UK US /ˈpʌblɪk/ noun
the public — Cf. the public
the viewing/voting/investing, etc. public — Cf. the voting/investing public

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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